About Study Program

The SGU Master Information Technology is a cutting edge graduate degree addressing information and communication technology applications in business organization, government and industries. This unique interdisciplinary master’s degree program combines key fundamental IT knowledge and leading industry knowledge, like enterprise architecture, IT governance, IT management, IT risk management, IT investment valuation, cyber security, technology innovation, digital & cyber marketing for professional development in management and cyber security specialization.

At final stage, student will do a short research with relevant state of the art topics. The students, while developing the thesis, are encouraged to take the practical issues or challenges by IT professional, the current work environment or business/industry. A growing importance of data architecture and technology in business and society has been a growing research interest currently.


To be the leading national and international graduate program of Information Technology, in particular in the areas of cyber security, Information Governance and Business Information Systems.


  1. To conduct a leading competency-based Information Technology education, focusing on Cyber Security, Information Governance and Business Information Systems.
  2. To conduct applied research focusing on Cyber Security, Information Governance and Business Information Systems.
  3. To foster a real contribution to society in applying Information Technology.
  4. To engage in a mutual corporation with other national or international institutions.

What You Study

Master of IT has 2 (two) concentrations to meet business, government and industrial challenges: Data Science Cyber Security and Data Science Business Informatics.

Download the curriculum here.

Why in SGU

Studying Master of Information Technology in SGU is the best way to prepare yourself to adapt the current industry challenges and issues as IT becoming the business enabler, especially considering the growing importance of digital economy and industry 4.0 in Indonesia. A balanced view on IT value and risk are the foundation of the program as reflected the current two concentrations:

  1. Data Science Cyber Security
  2. Data Science Business Informatics

The courses are in line with IASA, ISACA and EC-Council curricula and other related professional associations, like IHP (Indonesia HoneyNet Project). Strong cooperation with EC-Council makes interesting discounted packages available for students who want to take certifications from this institute, such as CEH, CHFI, ECSA, CND, etc. There are strong links with ICT industries as some of the lecturers are experienced IT professionals.

The Future of Online Learning Program

Online Learning program in Swiss German University is committed to helping you achieve success. In addition to providing high quality, Swiss German University will also accompany you in each stage of the learning process with the mission of flexibility that you can attend classes from anywhere. Easy access to all learning material provided, and guarantee you to stay connected with students or our lecturers.

Learn how to pursue your success career through our online learning experience.

Career Prospect

SGU Master Information Technology will enhance your career or capabilities either in advancing in the corporate ladder, IT specialization or building a networking opportunities as current lecturers, alumni and students are coming from various industries, including government, oil & gas, banking, media, insurance, e-commerce, startup, etc.


  1. TUV Nord Certified Energy Manager Course – Introduction of ITU-T L.1300 “Best practices for green data centers” (LINK)
  2.  IT Thought Leaders Forum: Annual Conference on Management and Information Technology 2015 (LINK)
  3.  ACMIT 2015 Thought Leaders Forum (May 23 2015): IT Value Enabler (LINK)
  4. Community Service: Why business need certified ethical hackers? (LINK)
  5. Indonesia Digital Forensic Community Workshop (LINK)
  6. Guest Lecture on ‘The Internet of Things’ (IoT), ‘Program Management Case Studies’,  ‘DDoS Mitigation Crisis’, ‘System Thinking in Daily Life’


Faculty Members

  • Dr. Eka Budiarto, S.T., M.Sc
  • Dr. Charles Lim, Msc., CHFI, EDRP, ECSA, ECSP, ECIH, CEH, CEI
  • Dr. Ir. Moh A. Amin Soetomo, M.Sc
  • Dr. Ir. Heru P Ipung, M.Eng
  • Dr. Adhiguna Mahendra, S.Kom, M.Kom, MSc., MSV, MSR
  • Dr. Ir. Nuki Agya Utama, M.Sc
  • Dr. Mulya R Mashudi, M.E.M
  • Dr. Lukas MAI, CISA, IPM
  • Asep S Suntana, S.Hut., M.A., Ph.D
  • Dr. Maulahikmah Galinium, S.Kom., M.Sc
  • Dr. Eng Bagus Mahawan , B.Eng., M.Eng
  • Burman Noviyansyah S.T., M.Sc, CEH